About Us

Majestic Bagan Holding Group is a company that specializes in Investment, Management and Training. We are a locally established company, found in Myanmar at 28th September, 2017. However we have also been working closely with SuperSearch Capital Company Limited (Hong Kong) and NexGen Global Company Limited (South Korea) for investments in both present and future development projects.

We are currently responsible for investing in the Shopping Mall, Hotel & Housing project in Htauk Kyant as well as the Hospital project in Pyinmapin. We are also responsible for bringing many hotels in Myanmar up to international standards by sharing our global experiences with them through training programs.

We are in the business of exporting seafoods to various countries. And currently, we are importing premium fuels as well as plasma virus cleaners from other countries and other medical supplies from South Korea.


Majestic Bagan’s vision is to upgrade the infrastructure of Myanmar with the cooperation of international investors and developers. To do this, we will connect our global network which can be a great support of our investment in Myanmar.

We will make use of international professionals’ experiences in designing, creating and investing power to develop Myanmar together.

The success of Majestic Bagan will lead the infrastructure of Myanmar to the international standard.


Majestic Bagan intends to turn our local investments into global standard economy with commercial reality of developing Myanmar. We seek to improve the lives of Myanmar as early as possible.

Majestic Bagan strives to upgrade the living standards of Myanmar with our infrastructure investment projects. We aim to deliver effective manner of improving Myanmar’s infrastructures and living standard rapidly with the highest commercial value by international standards.

Our Concept

Majestic Bagan is ready to transform our business model according to the international standards for the effective and efficient development of our projects.

One Belt, One Road

Majestic Bagan explores our local knowledge into global business opportunities for developing projects in Myanmar. Therefore we focus on investing into major infrastructure such as airports, harbors and railway development projects, which can allow Myanmar to become “One Belt, One Road” business center just like other international countries.

Our Commitment

In order to improve the life quality of local people in Myanmar, Majestic Bagan proposes to have opportunities for developing projects by related government authorities. We aim to develop Myanmar starting from Mon states to become an independent economic trade zones.

Our development projects will advocate the purposes of energy conversation, environmental protection and ensure the minimal pollution water, air and noises.

Majestic Bagan have set up a fun of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Myanmar with 3% of our annual profit for the goodwill of development in Myanmar.

We are also a member of U.N. Global Compact organization.

Our Partners

SuperSearch Investment Company Limited

SuperSearch Investment Company Limited is a Hong Kong based company, specialized in Air Cargo Trading and Airport Management projects.

NexGen Global Company Limited

NexGen Global Company Limited is a Korea based company, specialized in Solar Power Systems and Airport Construction Projects.